Proctorizer is a remote online exam proctoring tool that ensures the academic integrity of your study programs, authenticating the identity of students, protecting the content of your exams, creating a secure and controlled environment for the evaluation process.

It provides an innovative solution, simple to integrate into the educational platform (LMS) used within your institution, allowing the teacher to configure the proctored online exams in the same way he/she would schedule a classroom exam in his/her course. The teacher has total control over what he/she wants to configure for each test, choosing to use a secure browser, identity verification through facial recognition, supervision of student behavior through webcam, or a combination of the different forms of supervision that Proctorizer makes available, allowing a flexible way to customize the evaluation process.

Proctorizer is a product of Devs Partners LLC, a leading provider of technology solutions for higher education worldwide. Devs Partners LLC’s clientele includes many educational organizations in over 10 countries. Devs Partners LLC, was founded in 2015 and is headquartered at 20C Trolley Square Wilmington, DE 19806, USA.