Online Exams with Remote Supervision

Promote Academic Integrity in Online Classes

Reliable On-line Testing

Online proctoring for hybrid and virtual environments

Online proctoring solution powered by Artificial Intelligence, ensure academic integrity, the authenticity of your test taker's identity, protecting the question bank, creating a secure and controlled environment for the assessment process.

Fully-automated proctoring solution for online exams

Authenticate and monitor, anytime, anywhere

Our solution offers a variety of proctoring styles for higher education institutions, employers, and certification providers to conduct reliable online testing, reducing organizational costs and facilitating the achievement of KPIs.

Our powerful security & anti-cheating features allow you to:

Online Proctoring System for All Industries and All Uses

Guarantee the success of your online exams with our exceptional support and affordable plans

Online Education

Our online proctoring solution gives you the flexibility to choose the security level for each area and every exam, whether it’s a admission exams, language, final qualification examinations or medical school exam.

Recruitment and Training

Digitize your recruiting and training process. Discourages fraud in pre-employment testing. Detects impersonation, multiple persons on the scene or absence of the test taker.

Certifying agencies

Expand and scale your certification programs. Our sophisticated technology and enterprise-level support are ideal for certification and licensing programs.

Flexible and secure online proctoring

Digital Transformation for Your Assessments?

  • Proctorizer Lock

    [Fullscreen mode]

  • Fullscreen Mode prevents the test taker from opening any other window, tab or application during the online exam.

    + Force Full Screen
    + Close Open Tabs
    + Only One Screen
    + Disable Printing & Download

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  • Proctorizer Monitor

    [Online Proctoring]

  • Proctor your student’s behavior, we can monitor their actions through video, desktop, and browsing history recording.

    + Verify student identity
    + Detect impersonation during assessments
    + Monitors the behavior of the test taker
    + Web history tracker
    + Review proctoring reports

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Why proctor your exams online with Proctorizer?

Online Proctoring Features

Flexible and Customizable

Teachers and institutions establish all the supervision parameters that best suit their context and needs.

User-friendly interfaces

Perfect experience for all types of users, provides a user-friendly interface, compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

Easy to integrate with your LMS

We provide a quick and easy integration with the world’s leading learning management systems, like Blackboard, Canvas, OpenLMS, Moodle, and more!

Secures Student’s Privacy

Proctorizer does NOT require personal information when initiating a proctored exam. We comply with FERPA & GDPR regulations

Supports weak or intermittent Internet signal.

Proctorizer requires few computer resources and adapts to different internet bandwidthss

Automated Analysis

In-depth analysis of user behavior and actions. We provide useful, relevant and valuable information, facilitating a transparent review of the evaluation process.
How it Works

Online proctoring services, privately and safe

Fully integrated with the main Educational Platforms (LMS)



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