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How to take an exam

Depending on the configuration selected by your teacher for your exam, Proctorizer may require you to close your browser tabs, have only one monitor connected to your computer, access your webcam, among others. Here are the steps you should follow before starting your exam.

If you don’t have them yet, you will need to install them to be able to take your exam.

The consent page is where we explain how the information collected during the exam is used and the penalized actions during the exam. We recommend you read it and then click on the “I accept the agreement” button at the bottom of the page to proceed. Learn more about the importance of data privacy for Proctorizer.

If the “One monitor allowed” circle is not filled in, it means that your teacher requires you to use only one monitor during the exam. Be sure to disconnect any additional monitors before starting.


If the Close Open Tab circle does not appear in full, it means that your teacher requires you to close all open tabs in your browser in order to take your exam. Close all tabs and then return to the exam.

Remember to close the tab you only need to click on the “X” as shown in the image below:

Proctorizer requires your browser to have the third party cookie blocking option enabled in incognito mode in order to be able to take your exam on your university’s platform. If when you enter the Third Party Cookies circle does not appear full, you need to go to Google Chrome settings to enable this option.

In your browser settings you must ensure that this option is enabled.


If you need help on how to activate this option, we leave the explanation here.

As part of the proctoring, Proctorizer may require the use of your webcam during the exam. The first time you take an exam with Proctorizer, Google Chrome will ask for your permission to use the camera, press the “Allow” button to confirm.

As part of the proctoring, Proctorizer may require you to share your desktop while taking your exam. To do so, you must agree by pressing the “Desktop Sharing” button.

Google Chrome will open a confirmation window where you need to select the screen you will share, just click on the image reflecting your screen and then press the “Share” button.

Depending on the configuration of your exam, Proctorizer may require validation of your identity. To do so, you will need to follow the steps below:

1. Validate that you have your webcam and personal identification (University ID) ready.

Proctorizer will need to take a picture of your face and your personal ID (college ID) to start. When you are ready press the “Next” button to start.

2. Take a Selfie
Es importante que tu rostro se vea de frente y centrado dentro de los parámetros del marco que aparece.

3. Take a photo of your personal identification.

Make sure your ID is centered within the guidelines of the frame.

4. Check and confirm your photos.

Please confirm your photos are clearly visible. Once you are ready, press the “start test” button.

You are about to start, take a moment to read our recommendations to prepare for your exam. Once you’re ready press the “Start Proctored Exam” button.

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Minimum system requirements

System requirements depend on the configuration of the exam. Examinees are encouraged to use a practice exam to test their systems prior to taking an exam. 


Frequently Asked Questions

It guarantees every student will have equal environments while been evaluated, this protects the integrity and value of your degree.

Depending on the configuration chosen by the teacher, a student must have a webcam to use Proctorizer. Learn more about the minimum system requirements.

You don’t have to. Proctorizer integrates with your University’s learning management system, so you don’t need a password or special access.

It is not necessary. You just need to have the Proctorizer extension installed in your Google Chrome browser and your University’s learning management system will allow verification of your exam.

Proctorizer does not store personal information during the automated remote proctoring process, so the information collected is associated with a test session and not with a specific person. This session is used by your school to later associate you with a specific student and test.

The results and actions taken during an exam can only be viewed by the course instructor. No one else will have access to any data related to the exam.